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本文摘要:政治方面喜好宁静的国家 a peace-loving country按劳分配为主体 distribution according to work remains dominant保监会 China Insurance RegulatoryCommission标本兼治 address both the symptoms and the root causes of the problem博采众长 draw on others useful experience不搞一刀切 wi


政治方面喜好宁静的国家 a peace-loving country按劳分配为主体 distribution according to work remains dominant保监会 China Insurance RegulatoryCommission标本兼治 address both the symptoms and the root causes of the problem博采众长 draw on others' useful experience不搞一刀切 without imposing a single solution长治久安 long-term stability常务委员 member of a standing committee城镇挂号失业率 registered unemployment rate in cities and towns城镇社会保障体系 urban social security system城镇住房制度革新 reform of the urban housing system创新体系 an innovation system垂直治理 vertical management促革新 advance reforms促进社会和谐稳定 promote social harmonyand stability攻击取缔非法收入 crack down on and ban illegal income党情 Party' condition邓小平理论 Deng Xiaoping Theory道德制高点 moral high groud低水平重复建设 low-level redundant development底线思维 bottomline thinking调结构 promote restructuring调控房价 housing prices control顶层设计 a top-level strategy对人民高度卖力的态度 maintain a high sense of responsibility to people法制国家 a state with an adequate legal system法治国家 a country under the rule of law法治政府 a law-based government反腐倡廉 anti-corruption bid反贪法例 anti-corruption legislation防空识别区 air defense identification防灾减灾能力 the ability to prevent and mitigate natural disaster分配钱币化 distribution of money风险防范机制 risk prevention mechanism服务型政府 a service-oriented government卖力任政府 a responsible government负资产 a negative asset革新蓝图 reform blueprint港人治港 the people of HongKong administer HongKong高度自治 a high degree of autonomy公共服务和社会治理 public services and social governance公正分配 fair distribution公


有制主体职位 the dominant role of public ownership国防预算 defense budget国际责任 international responsibility宏观调控 micro control解放和生长生产力 release and develop productive forces外交方面宁静和互助新架构 a new framework of security and cooperation棒杀 cause sb to fail by harsh criticism捧杀 destroy sb by extolling him to the skies保持高层接触 maintain high-level contact界限争议区 disputed border region长效机制 long-term mechanism久远眼光 long-term vision朝鲜半岛核问题 Korean Peninsula nuclear issue从人民的基础利益出发 proceed from the fundamental interests of the people促进配合繁荣 promote common prosperity促进国际关系民主化 promote democracy in international relations弹性外交 elastic diplomacy等距离外交 equidistant diplomacy东海问题 East China Sea issue独立自主的宁静外交政策 independent foreign policy of peace独善其身 stand aloof隔离外交关系 sever diplomatic relations对外宣布运动日程 release the itinerary多边机构 multilateral organs多边机制 multilateral mechanism多边外交运动 multilateral diplomatic activities多级世界multipolar world多引擎互助 a pattern of cooperation driven by multiple engines防御性国防政策 defensive national defense policy非正式会见 informal visit切合两国人民的基础利益 serve the fundamental interest of both peoples庞大多变的国际情况 complex and volatile international environment公共外交 public diplomacy公正和公正 fair and equitable公正合理的新秩序 a new just and equitable order牢固友谊 cement friendship配合利益 common interests配合维护生长中国家的权益 make joint efforts to safeguard the rights and interests of the developing countries共赢互助 all-win cooperation管控分歧 manage differences国际触角 international connections国际法准则norms of international

law反恐互助 international anti-terrorism cooperation国际风云幻化 international vicissitudes执法方面案件受理费 court acceptance fee案情陈述书 statement of case案由 cause of action案值 total value involved in the case办案人员 personnel handling a case辩护状师 defense lawyer辩护证据 defense evidence辩说阶段 stage of court debate飙车 illegal car racing增补答辩 supplementary answer不公然审理 trail in camera不行抗力 force majeure不立案决议书 written decision of case-filing产业保全申请书 application for property preservation打消立案 revoke a case placed on file闯黄灯 ignore yellow traffic lights答辩陈述书 statement of defense打黑 crack down on evil forces打假 crack down on counterfeit goods概略案 major and serious criminal cases倒票 speculative reselling of tickets道德退化 morally degraded道德责任 moral obligation地域统领 territorial jurisdiction观察笔录 record of investigation定期宣判 pronouncement of judgment or sentence later on a fixed time治罪证据 incriminating evidence二审案件 case of trail of second instance罚款 impose a fine法定证据 statutory legal evidence执法文书 legal papers执法意识 legal awareness执法援助 legal aid执法咨询 legal consulting法庭观察 court investigation法庭审理笔录 court record法院通告 court announcement反腐案件观察 anti-graft investigation高级检察官 senior procurator高级人民法院 higher people's court小我私家产业申报 personal assets declaration小我私家所得税申报 declaration of personal income tax小我私家信用体系 personal credit system公循分局 public security sub-bureau公然审理 public trail公司上市 company listing公诉词 statement of public prosecution公证机关 public notary office公证书 notarial certificate配合统领 concurrent jurisdiction